Glamping with a Dog – What to Expect

Glamping with a dog

What to expect from Glamping with a dog

Yurt and dog

What could be better than cosying up for a peaceful nights sleep in a yurt? Well….cosying up for a night in your yurt, with your dog gently snoozing beside you, of course. As you know, we are a dog-friendly glamping site. We love welcoming all manner of furry, four-legged friends to our yurts, and believe that they really add another level to the experience. We would highly recommend glamping with a dog. So, what can you expect from a yurting holiday with a dog in tow?

Walkies, of course.

If there’s one thing that dogs (and humans) love almost as much as food, it has to be long country walks! We have a number of brilliant walks on our yurt doorstop, that are accessible from our site. All of the walks are dog friendly and will give any dog the chance to bound unrestricted across rolling greenery. Your pup may get a little muddy in the process, but you can easily hose them down, as we have an easily accessible hose and running water on our glamping site. At least this time you won’t need to worry about any muddy pawprints in your house.

Take your dog out for a coffee date

How often do you get the chance to take your dog out with you for a lovely coffee or spot of lunch? Dogs are more than welcome in plenty of cafes in Market Harborough, so you can enjoy a break without worrying about tying your pet up outside! We like Mercado Lounge as they even have a jar of dog-friendly treats available, so they can munch on a treat at the same time as you.

This is one holiday that your dog won’t require a passport for 

Have you been worrying about who will look after your pet if you go away on holiday? Pondering whether you can burden friends or family with the responsibility? Fretting whether your dog would enjoy being in a kennel? Well…glamping with a dog is the perfect solution to any concerns around dog care, now you can take your dog with you, and enjoy your holiday with your furry pal. Not only that, but the beauty of a staycation is the ease it offers. No airport waits, pet passports, or hand luggage restrictions, simply, pack all of your necessities into the car (excited dog included) and get on your way.

Yurt benefits aren’t just for humansGlamping with a dog

Yurting holidays offer a number of benefits to us humans; fresh air, light exercise and the opportunity to spend quality time with people we love have all been proven to have positive effects on physical and emotional wellbeing. Each of these glamping perks sound like they will also be beneficial to the wellbeing of any human-loving dog. Long walks and a night spent sharing a cosy space with their treasured human…..sounds like an ideal day for any dog! Expect a wagging tail and happy puppy dog eyes.



Reckon you’re ready to try glamping with a dog? You can check availability for all of our yurts here. Or drop us a message if you have any further questions about glamping with a dog.