6 things to do when glamping

There are loads of great things to do when glamping!

What we love about a glamping holiday is the complete flexibility to do what you want. You may want to keep busy. Or you may want to do nothing. Both are good options. Here is a list of our top 6 things to do when glamping.

Do nothing

First of all, doing nothing is a very valid thing to do. We all need to relax, be still, and let ourselves recover more often. How about day in bed? Or a day watching the world go by? Maybe an evening soaking in a hot tub? Doing this in a beautiful spot makes it special.

6 things to do when glamping


Turn off technology

Set yourself a no-tech challenge. Turn off your phones and laptops and disconnect from everything. Invest yourself in the present. Many people find this helps them to connect better with the friends and family they are on holiday with. This is especially good for kids to try (good luck getting teenagers to do it!). Camping provides a natural opportunity to do this.

6 things to do when glamping

Get outside

The closeness of nature is a highlight of glamorous camping. Make the most of the opportunity to do things outside. Going for a walk or bike ride with the family is good for the soul and body. The fresh air will help to clear the cobwebs. There are also plenty of outdoor activities available in the East Midlands. Have a look at Pitsford Water or Rockingham Castle for a great day out.


6 things to do when glamping

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a great activity to do with kids! You could create your own treasure hunt on your glampsite for the kids to do. With it being the Easter break right now, there are loads of fun egg hunts you could set up. A nature scavenger hunt is also good fun for all the family. You can download printable tick sheets online to take away with you. Why not give Geocaching a go? There are plenty of treasures in the Market Harborough area.

Have a fire

While you unwind by your posh tent in the evening, a log-fire is a glamping necessity. Being able to use a fire-pit is one of the many things that makes glamping better than staying in a hotel. Making smores and toasting marshmallows over a fire is enjoyable for all ages! Everyone loves to stare into a fire and feel their worries melt away. Building a fire is also an important (and satisfying) skill to learn.

6 things to do when glamping

Eat and drink local produce

Wherever you glamp, it’s fun to try all the local food and drink. Eating and drinking together is a powerful bonding activity. Cook together. BBQ together. Talk. Laugh. Share stories. Raise a glass.


There are so many more things to do when glamping. We hope you have enjoyed reading our favourite 6. To do these things while staying at our rustic luxury yurt site why not book a stay with us. Click here to see our prices and book. We look forward to meeting you.