Country Bumpkin Yurts – Our Name for Glamping in Yurts

“Where did the name for our Glamping business come from?”

We are asked that a lot. It is inspired by Lara’s cousin Jess. She calls us Country Bumpkins when she comes up to visit us from London. I believe it has something to do with the long walks through the fields with the dogs – which she claims she ‘loves really’. Visiting the East Midlands countryside from the city of London is certainly a different kind of experience. A name for the glamping site and cafe which encapsulates who we are and the kind of experience we want to share was right there in her name for us. We just needed to add on a key element – yurts! Country Bumpkin Yurts it is. We love it.

Next, the logo.

Creating a visual representation of our glamping ethos was fun. It is important to show the luxurious side to yurts yet with a rustic edge to it. We want something simple yet beautiful, whilst being strong enough to stand-alone in the big wild world of the internet- in its own way.

For weeks we played aroundwith drawings and graphics, colours and layouts. I have a notebook full of sketches. We then worked with Beta Graphic in Market Harborough to capture the image we were aiming for and create a professional logo. We loved their idea of having a rustic brush font, a fancy swirly frame and clean, fresh colours.

And so the logo was born.

We also have a great logo for the café – The Coffee Pot – which we will be adding to the glamp-site in the future. We are now enjoying making all sorts of things with our logo; business cards, leaflets, avatars, photos and adverts. We hope to send it far and wide. Maybe you’ll see Country Bumpkin Yurts on a bumper sticker whilst on holiday on a remote Scottish island one day? Who knows.

Having our name and logo finalised set us in motion to get ourselves ‘out there’ and share our business, which we find so exciting. Creating our website made us think long and hard about what we stand for and what we are trying to create. We are such visual people, putting this into words was pretty difficult. And then for the blogs… well you can tell us what you think about these! Hopefully it gives you all a clue as to what our vibe is and encourages you to check us out and be part of Country Bumpkin Yurts glamping journey.

The ground works should be starting within the next few weeks- as soon as the ground has dried out from the winter weather.  We are super excited for the arrival of the diggers. Now, that is a statement we never thought we would hear ourselves say!

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Our Name for Glamping in Yurts