Dog-friendly Glamping: Share The Joy Of Yurts With Your Dog

Dog-friendly Glamping: Share The Joy Of Yurts With Your Dog


Have you ever taken your dog glamping?

Did you know that in many places you can? Just imagine the happy wagging of your doggies tail, the sniffy trails, and exploring the endless countryside. Here at Country Bumpkin Yurts, we know that dogs are part of the family. We strive to be a dog-friendly glamping site so that you can all go on holiday together. We allow dogs to stay in our yurts so that they can have as much fun as you.


Elements of our dog-friendly site

Creating space to run around in is key for our four-legged friends. The open space at the glampsite is great for running and exploring. We are also situated next to a bridleway (the Brampton Valley Way) which is perfect for a long walk to tire both pooches and humans alike.


After a walk, a quick hose down might be necessary for the doggies. If yours are anything like mine, they will find a muddy puddle within minutes of a walk. At the back of our kitchen is a hose so that you can give your dog a rinse before going back inside.

Dog-friendly Glamping: Share The Joy Of Yurts With Your Dog
We like to provide little extras, so you’ll find a dog towel ready and waiting in your yurt. This will come in useful after they’ve been for a walk or had a hose down. We recommend you bring some of your own dog towels too. Being prepared makes glamping with a dog easier.



In your yurt, you’ll also find a jar of our favourite dog treats so that you can spoil your dog while it’s on holiday. Make sure you bring your dog’s normal food too. If you forget (we’ve all been there), you can get dog stuff in Welland Valley Feeds or the Pets at Home store in Market Harborough.

Make them feel at home

To make your pooch feel at home on a dog-friendly glamping site, it’s a good idea to bring some of their items from home. Bringing their bed will help them to settle down and relax when in the tent. And bringing a few of their favourite toys will help to keep them occupied too.

Dog-friendly Glamping: Share The Joy Of Yurts With Your Dog


There are two farm dogs on the site and I often bring my dog, Poppy, when I come to welcome guests, so your pooches will have their very own canine check-in. It’s has been lovely to see our doggie guests playing with Wren, Maggie, and Poppy when they arrive.

There are a few things to remember when you take your dog glamping with you. Please pick up their poo. There is a dog poo bin by the wood store so that it is easy to access and kept separate from other rubbish. When on the site, we ask for owners to keep their dogs under control. This is for the sake of the other animals on the farm, as well as the other guests. This makes a great experience for everyone.


Providing dog-friendly accommodation is a key part of our country bumpkin beliefs. We love to see pooches enjoying the wonders of glamping as much as their humans. We recently invited Our Fluffy Family to stay with us. Read about their experience here.


Dog-friendly Glamping: Share The Joy Of Yurts With Your Dog

To bring your dog to Country Bumpkin Yurts, it costs an extra £5 per night per dog. And there is a maximum of 2 dogs per yurt (this is simply to do with space). Why not give it a try.

In need of a holiday soon? Have a look at our availability calendar here. We’d love to welcome you and your furry best friend to our dog-friendly glamping site. Don’t forget, we’re open all you round.

See you soon,

Country Bumpkins