Glamping in the Midlands in Autumn

Glamping in the Midlands in Autumn

The summer is winding down. The approaching autumn promises wild days and cool nights.

Glamping in the Midlands in autumn is a wonderful thing; you can fully experience and embrace the changing season. Imagine being surrounded by the deep vibrant colours of the trees and spending the evening drinking hot chocolate by a big fire. And, being soothed by the sound of raindrops on a tent. Autumnal glamping bliss.

For those new to camping or glamping in the colder seasons, there are a few ways to ensure you are prepared.

To take with you:

The right clothing is the most important thing. Always pack layers. We all know that October’s weather can be unpredictable. When the sun is out it can get quite warm, but when it hides behind the clouds, it goes chilly very fast. This applies to the temperature inside a tent too. At this time of year, your top layer should always be waterproof. The chances of getting caught in the rain will be high. And, it may not be the most ‘fleek’ attire, but a fleece is also a good option as it remains warm even when wet. This is crucial when you are going on adventures in the countryside; no-one wants a cold, miserable explorer.

Good footwear is also a key consideration. For the same reasons as needing a variety of clothing, you will need to prepare for different terrains on foot. Wellies are essential if you’re staying on a campsite in a field or farm. We know our site can get muddy once we’ve had a bout of rain. Good walking shoes are important if you plan on going for treks. Remember to bring plenty of spare pairs of socks in case they get wet when you’re out walking or cycling. My favourite thing to pack in autumn and winter is slippers! Wearing slippers inside your yurt, tent or cabin will keep your toes warm and will help you to feel super cosy. It also brings an element of home comfort with you.

Glamping in the Midlands in Autumn

Blankets galore is the next top tip. Most sites will provide a few blankets but it’s always worth bringing extras from home. Using blankets while sitting around the campfire will make you more comfortable. Then put a few on the bed when you go to sleep so that they will keep you warm when the fire dies down in the night.


To do:

If you have the right clothing and footwear mentioned above, then making the most of the beautiful blustery walks is a must. The colours of autumn are incredible. Places like the Brampton Valley Way, are a blaze of reds, oranges and deep yellows. They are not to be missed. A few other places worth checking out near here include Pitsford Water, East Carlton Park and Rutland Water.

Why not revisit your childhood and collect conkers and have a conker tournament? Remember, you’ll need conkers (obviously), shoelaces and something to make a hole through the conkers. The first conker to split on impact loses.

Glamping in the Midlands in AutumnLearn how to build a fire like a pro before you go. The colder months are perfect for big open fires and using log burning stoves. A nice fire will enable you to sit outside for longer when it goes dark. Toasting marshmallows and drinking mulled wine make this even more fun. Using log burning stoves inside your yurt will keep your space warm and allow you to go to sleep in comfort. Plus, this is wonderfully romantic! There is something about a real fire that melts the heart a little too. There are a variety of ways to build a fire. We particularly like the upside down method and the log cabin method.

So, cosy layers, wellies, adventures, fire and blankets. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a getaway. Glamping in the Midlands in autumn is well worth trying. It’s not too late to book a late luxury camping holiday with us! Check out our availability and book your yurt here.

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The Country bumpkin team