Glamping in the Summer – Country Bumpkin’s Top Tips

Glamping in the Summer – Country Bumpkin’s Top Tips

Glamping and Summer go together wonderfully!

The blue-sky days and long evenings under the stars make for the perfect glamorous camping holiday. Glamping combines the best of camping with the best of hotels. The Great Outdoors, feeling free, and still having big beds and hot tubs! It’s fun, exciting, and that little bit different. The perfect activity for a British summer. Here are some of our Country Bumpkin Yurts top tips for glamping in the summer:

Invite your family and friends.

Glamping for a family get-together in the summer is a great idea. Perhaps for a family occasion. Why not get all the relatives in one place for your Mum’s 60th? Going glamping will allow you to spend some quality time together and is guaranteed to be something you talk about for years to come. “Remember when we stayed in those yurts…”. Make sure you bring plenty of drinks to keep you all hydrated and find some shade so your Grandad doesn’t overheat. Don’t forget the sun cream too.

Take the kids glamping in the summer holidays.

It’s an excellent way of encouraging them to get outside and explore nature. And you won’t have to give up your luxuries to do it. We’re bias, of course, but glamping on a farm is ideal for this! You can’t get much closer to nature when the lambs are visiting you for a fuss. Having some anti-bac hand gel on hand is a good tip for when you’re exploring nature.

Glamping in the Summer – Country Bumpkin’s Top Tips

A key clothes tip for posh camping is to pack for all weathers.

We all know that the British summer is unpredictable. Bring clothes to keep you cool (when the sun comes out), warm (when the sun goes in), and dry (when it decides to rain). It is also worth bringing plenty of spares. The camping elements of glamping mean that you could get muddy, dusty or soggy (especially if you’re a child).

Make the most of eating alfresco in summer.

Being outdoors is good for the soul. Eating outdoors is even better! Thankfully, many glamping sites provide a kitchen or cooking area with everything you need to make dinner. This makes it much easier to prepare something tasty for you and your group. Bring along your favourite one-pot recipes to make it even easier. A delicious one-pot meal is fuss-free and saves on washing up. I’m sure you’d rather spend more time drinking wine than washing up!

Make a fire and roast marshmallows.

Now, this is something you cannot do in a hotel! We all love sitting around a fire, being mesmerised by the flickering flames. Roasting marshmallows on the fire is a glamping must! Bring a nice big bag of marshmallows and get creative with s’mores.

Our final, yet most important tip – relax.

Actively relax. Chose to do less whilst glamping. Allow your body and mind to slow down a little. We all need more time to sleep, read, or just ponder. To help you do this, why not take a dip in a wood burning hot tub like ours. Turning off technology will also help you to unwind. Summer seems to be a busy period for everyone so treat yourselves to a much-needed pause.

Glamping in the Summer – Country Bumpkin’s Top Tips


We still have some summer availability for our yurts. If you’ve been inspired by our top tips, why not book a glamping week or weekend with Country Bumpkin Yurts in the summer holidays. Glamping in the summer really is a must. Click here to view prices and book.

We look forward to welcoming you this summer,

The Country Bumpkin Team