A Kit List for Glamping in the East Midlands

A Kit List for Glamping in the East Midlands

Have you ever asked yourself what you need to pack for a glamping holiday?

If you’re anything like me, a list is a wonderful thing. That’s why I love a kit list. A list of all the things needed for a holiday or activity. After years of camping and glamping in the UK, I have created the ultimate kit list for a stay in yurts. Glamping in the East Midlands is fun all year round; packing the right items will allow you to make the most of it, whenever you stay.

What you pack for a glamping weekend can make the difference between a good stay and an amazing stay. It is all about being prepared. There are some essentials for year-round glamping in yurts and a few seasonal extras. I have broken down them down into categories; shoes, clothes, and additional items. Then I have highlighted the seasonal changes in the infographic on the left.

So, what do I need to take glamping?


Our feet need to look good and feel great when staying on a camping or glamping site. Think comfort and practicality before style though. I’d hate for your new white converse to be ruined in the mud. Speaking of mud – you are likely to encounter plenty of it. It is one of the joys of the countryside, especially on a farm. My biggest glamping tip is wellies, wellies, wellies. All year. Just in case. The show list:

  • Walking shoes – you need to support those feet of yours on a long walk.
  • Wellies – essential when it has been wet.
  • Slippers – these will keep your feet cosy inside your yurt.
  • Flipflops – summer only (the rest of the year it might be too wet).
  • Your normal mooching-around-town shoes – for when you go to visit nearby places.


A Kit List for Glamping in the East Midlands

Bringing the right clothes is also important to enable you to enjoy your posh camping trip. Our UK weather is famously unpredictable so be prepared for all seasons in one day. As Alfred Wainwright says, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Think layers. A few key items are:

  • All your normal clothes (obviously).
  • Waterproof coat – useful any time of year.
  • Chunky knitwear – to make you feel super Hygge when it is cold.
  • Thick socks and plenty of changes of socks – to keep your feet warm or if your socks get wet.
  • Warm PJs – for most of the year. But cool PJs for the height of summer.

Additional items

As well as the right shoes and clothes, there are things to bring which will make your glamping experience smoother. Many of these items are provided by glamping sites themselves but it is worth packing your own too. Even if you leave them in the car, it’s good to know you have them if they are needed. Remember to read the website of the place you are visiting to check their power supply (e.g. is it mains or solar?) and the facilities on site. Items to bring include:

  • Torches – a head torch is a great tool for exploring the dark, or for when you venture out to the loos in the night.
  • Phone power bank – if you’replanning to keep using technology while glamping, bring a power bank as back up in case you are unable to charge your phone.
  • Lighter – just a very useful tool.
  • Blankets – for the hygge feeling.
  • Candles – for extra light and romance.
  • Umbrella – we are in Britain after all.
  • Food & drink – many glamping sites are self-catered so bring your favourite food and drink. Check beforehand what equipment the kitchen has so that you can plan your meals accordingly.
  • Games – there is nothing better than a few drinks and a board game in your yurt in the evening. Games will help boost the fun if the weather is bad too.
  • Map – take a map, or use your phone, so that you can find local walking routes and local attractions. We recommend the OS maps.

So there we have it, our kit list for glamping in the East Midlands. It’s not that unusual really. The most important thing is to be prepared for all weathers and to expect some of the challenges that come with being out in the countryside. Having said that, it is glamorous camping, so you certainly won’t be ‘roughing it’ in the country. Staying in yurts is a wonderful experience. It can be as quiet and peaceful, as it can be lively and fun. It is what you make it.

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