The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands

It’s finally springtime! Bring on the daffodils, lambs and longer evenings. And let’s go glamping on a farm…

It’s time to get those wellies on and go on an adventure. Out and about you’ll see plenty of calves, lambs and spring flowers. I love to see blossoms starting to bud – it’s the epitome of hope. Here at Country Bumpkin Yurts, we are looking forward to the new spring season of glamping on a farm.

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands

Glamping on a farm is delightful this time of year, especially in the East Midlands. The rolling hills and abundant farmland is gearing up for activity. Glampers and farmers alike are finding relief in the warmer days. We just need a break in the rain, right? What’s that song, “Rain, rain, go away, come back another day”?

You will find us in a little corner of Waterloo Cottage Farm in Great Oxendon. Kirsty and Angus who founded and run the farm are passionate about naturally reared, pasture fed and happy animals. They care about good food and great health. They are the perfect hosts for our yurt glamping site.

Let us tell you the story of Waterloo Cottage Farm and give you a taste of what glamping on a farm is like.

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East MidlandsKirsty and Angus established Waterloo Cottage Farm as a unique modern business which goes back in time. They farm sustainably, moving animals and crops in a way that reduces the need for chemicals. This is such a refreshing approach. Their highland cows, pigs, and sheep are completely pasture fed. The Farm Shop customers and glamping guests that use the shop can feel rest assured that meat coming from the fields straight onto their table is natural and sourced from animals fed on food that their bodies were designed for. It’s wonderful to see Kirsty and Angus care so deeply for their animals.

The farm is also a hub for education. You can learn all about sustainable farming and chemical free, good food when you visit the farm shop. You can obviously buy the wonderful food too! Like us at Country Bumpkin Yurts, Waterloo Cottage Farm is passionate about being eco-friendly and engaging with communities. Can you see why we work so well together?

So, what is glamping on a farm like?

Glamping at the heart of a working farm is great fun. At Waterloo Cottage Farm, on the way to your yurt, you’ll meet Hannah the calf who may come over for a head scratch. You’ll also see Maggie and Wren the farm dogs. Then the pigs will come and say hello as you walk down the path. You may get a noisy welcome, they all like to say hello to new guests. It’s a joy to see such happy, free-range animals.

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands

The farm animals are kept in separate areas away from the yurts, so you don’t need to worry about meeting any curious animals on your walk to the bathroom. Unless you bring your own. Dogs are welcome on the farm. NB When bringing a dog, you will need to keep them on a lead when on site so that they don’t explore too far and startle the other animals.

Children and adults alike love the farm animals and the real-life working farm setting.

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands

It’s a complete change from town or city life and provides the perfect base for adventures. The farm has direct access to The Brampton Valley Way for the ultimate day of walking or cycling. You can also get involved in fruit and veg gardening activities on certain days of the week. Check out the community garden facebook page for details of activity days.




We love being located on Waterloo Cottage Farm! Glamping on a farm is such a fun experience, especially now we’re in spring. The yurts blend in wonderfully with the farmland and natural landscape. And the animals make fantastic glamping companions. When staying at Country Bumpkin Yurts, you’ll get to witness the workings of a refreshingly care-conscious farm. It’s the perfect setting for a quirky countryside adventure with friends and family.

To book your glamping on a farm experience, click here. We and the pigs look forward to welcoming you to your yurt break soon.

The Joys of Glamping on a Farm in the East Midlands