Glamping on a farm – What facilities have we got?

When booking a holiday, it’s important to know you have all the right facilities.

For glamping in yurts, it is just as important. For some, the concept of glamping on a farm suggests it may be a little primitive – but this is not the case! We all like hot showers, somewhere to cook and the extras to help us relax. We have made sure that you have everything you need. So, what facilities are there you camp with Country Bumpkin Yurts?

  • Two shared bathrooms with electric showers, composting toilets, sinks, and storage.
  • One shared kitchen with sink, fridge, microwave, hobs, toaster, and kettle. Plus, all the cutlery, crockery, pans you should need. Oh, and more cooking space than I have at home!

What facilities have we got?

*We have connected mains power to the bathrooms and kitchen to ensure a reliable hot shower. And we have plug sockets to allow you to plug in your hair straighteners. It is glamourous camping after all.

  • One shared wood-burning hot tub. Perfect for relaxing under the stars.
  • Solar power to each yurt. This powers lighting and provides a phone/ tablet charging point.

What facilities have we got?

Now the story of how this all came together…

Our vision was to build these utility blocks to balance glamour and functionality. To fit the country image and to reflect our eco-friendly ethos. We have built lovely country bathrooms with electric showers, full sinks and composting toilets (look out for our blog on these coming soon). The kitchen has worktop space, sink and hobs for your cooking needs. They combine luxury with eco-friendly elements. Everything you will need for your posh camping holiday. When asked why we built them ourselves we explain:

“Lara and I decided to build these from scratch to allow us to create the right environment for our yurt site. It also gave us flexibility to add the composting toilets. We spent months finding the right cabins to house the facilities. We wanted them to look great, be the right size (big enough but not take up too much space), and be sturdy enough for you all to have your showers and cook your dinner”

We found the right sheds from a local company, Albany Sheds, (to support local business and reduce the carbon footprint). Then came the challenge of deciding how to turn them into beautiful camping facilities. We spent months going over different options for walls, insulation, waterproofing, safe heating… the list could go on. It has been a steep learning curve for us. And we’ll be happy if we never have to see a piece of plasterboard again. BUT, we are finished and they look great! Our planning has paid off and the vision has become a reality.


What facilities have we got?

The eco-friendly wood-burning hot tub was an added extra that we felt you would all enjoy. It may not be a ‘necessary’ facility but once you’ve been glamping with a hot tub, you’ll soon feel that it is. The relaxation a hot tub provides is just wonderful. To read more about our outdoor hot tub click here.

So, as you see, glamping on a farm has all the facilities you need when on holiday with family and friends. When you’re ready to give glamping on a farm a go, click here for our prices and availability.

We look forward to welcoming you to Country Bumpkin Yurts!