Yurts on an East Midlands Farm – The Perfect Location

So we have the name, the logo and the ethos – now we need a location.

We always loved the idea of our glamping site and cafe being on a working farm. A farm adds such a special experience to glamping, especially for families. Very early on in our land hunt we contacted Waterloo Cottage Farm (who we’d heard so many great things about). Amazingly, Kirsty and Angus at the farm caught on to our vision fast and were keen to team up so we could launch our glamp-site and café. Since then we’ve had to jump to through some paperwork hoops – oh the joys of planning applications – but here we are today, about to start the ground work ready for the arrival of yurts on the farm!

You’ve read lots about us and our humble beginnings. I’m sure you’d like to hear about how Waterloo Cottage Farm became the pioneering, award winning and all round wonderful farm it is today. In the words of Kirsty herself:

“My husband, Angus, started the Waterloo Cottage Farm dream eight years ago. He was fed up with not knowing where his food came from and that it lacked taste. Why are so many fields filled with arable crops but not with cattle grazing on our beautiful British land?  Too many chemicals are used and fields over-farmed. When we talk to farming friends, it seems that the emphasis on rearing tasty animals for food has been lost in the drive for profit. The British people’s need for a bargain has seemingly cost the nation our former great tasting, healthy food.
So we established Waterloo Cottage Farm in Great Oxendon, Leicestershire, a unique modern business which goes back in time.  We farm sustainably, adhering to the Pasture Fed Livestock Association guidelines, moving animals and crops in a way that reduces the need for chemicals. Our cattle and sheep are now completely pasture fed on high protein containing lucerne, sanfoi, red clover and grass. From winter 2014, our pigs were also fed in an approved fashion. Our customers can be assured that meat coming from our fields straight onto their table is natural, completely traceable and tasty, sourced from animals fed on food that their bodies were designed for, eating grass and not grain.
We want our customers to be able to trust us. We re-educate people on how to produce great food and radically reduce or stop the use of chemicals and medicines in the food chain. This is done by inviting customers onto our land and into our shop to learn farming, butchery and cooking techniques. We educate local children to ensure that they understand how to make good consumer choices about their food in the future.
Waterloo Cottage Farm truly is a community venture with community values at its core. From a Gardening Project to sausage-making and butchery master classes, our aim is to serve local people with excellent local produce that does not harm the environment in its creation. Come along and visit our piglets in the fields, chat to Angus and me about our growing business, and taste some delicious food.”

Yurts on an East Midlands Farm – The Perfect Location


One of the many things we love about Waterloo Cottage Farm is their ethics. As individuals and as a business they are passionate about recyclable, renewable, eco-friendly, healthy, local and tasty. Recognise some of those key words? Our reflecting ethos is why our partnership with them fits so well. The synergy between their farm & shop and our yurts & café will be brilliant!

We will be keeping you updated with all the happenings on the farm over the next few months. So keep watch. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos and regular snippet updates…