Our Luxury Camping Yurts Needed Names – and now we have them!

We have named our rustic luxury camping yurts at long last!

It only took us 18 months of planning our luxury camping site to decide on them! So why has it taken us so long?  Well, other than being really busy and having to prioritise other things, we wanted to make sure we got the names right. Names that fit our glamping site. That fit our ethos and the experience we are going for. We have chosen the names Puddleduck, Nutkin and Ginger & Pickles. Do you recognise where they come from?

So many options

Lara and I came up with so many names over the past year for our posh tents. But none of them resonated with both of us. We always wanted names that reflected the countryside setting and back-to-nature experience but that is a wide remit. We thought about names of native trees or flowers, native wild animals or farm animals. These were nice but not quite right.

We then started to get a bit more creative. Lara thought of linking the yurt names to the fable of The Three Little Pigs for comedy effect. We didn’t go for that but it opened up a new line of thinking for us. It was when I was daydreaming (instead of working) that my eyes wondered across my bookcase and landed on the set of Beatrix Potter books that I have kept since childhood. A lightbulb turned on. I sent a photo to Lara to see what she thought and there it was – possible names for the yurts that we both fell in love with. Like I said, only 18 months to get to this point.


Our Luxury Camping Yurts Needed Names

We both had a look through our collections (turns out Lara kept her Beatrix Potter books too). We soon decided that a link to the beautiful and beloved children’s books would work with our family friendly, nature-loving yurt getaway. Now we needed specifics…

Jemima Puddleduck, Squirrel Nutkin and Ginger & Pickles

We liked Jemima Puddleduck as a name, as well as Squirrel Nutkin and Ginger & Pickles. But we had to test them out first. We soon realised that telling people they were “staying in Jemima tonight” was wildly inappropriate (I’m still chuckling at this)! Sleeping in a squirrel was also a bit weird. Thankfully, shortening those names to just ‘Puddleduck’ and ‘Nutkin’ solved those problems easily enough.

We asked friends and family what they thought of these names for our yurts and the relevance of the Beatrix Potter reference. Everyone (well, nearly everyone) thought they were perfect. And so, our rustic luxury camping yurts have names!


Our Luxury Camping Yurts Needed Names

You will soon be able to book your stay in Puddleduck, Nutkin or Ginger & Pickles. We are just finishing off the booking system and yurt prices with the help of Cool Camping and hope to have it up and running in a week or two. If you want to book one of our luxury camping yurts before then, simply email us at bookings@countrybumpkinyurts.co.uk and we will get your glamping break going.