Romantic Glamping Holiday Tips from Country Bumpkins

Romantic Glamping Holiday Tips

Romantic glamping holiday tips from Country Bumpkins.

Have you been looking for a romantic break idea or considering how to organise the perfect romantic holiday? Romantic break

….We’re here with your solution! What could be better than embracing the peaceful character of nature with a romantic glamping holiday!

Our lives are so busy, and we have many things to address and think about each and every day. It can be easy to forget about, or simply deprioritise spending time with our partner. That’s why we’re here to encourage you to press pause on your busy life and all of the responsibilities that go with it. We always encourage people to take a break every so often, get away from their homes, and reconnect with nature and each other. We can’t think of anything that would make for a more peaceful or romantic holiday than a luxurious glamping holiday, embracing nature.

Seen as we are experts in all things glamping we’re here to help you out with our top tips for a romantic break glamping in the countryside.

Check out the stars

It doesn’t matter if you’re no constellation expert, there are now plenty of apps that will tell you exactly what constellation, planet, or star you’re looking at. So pull on a jumper, spend an evening sprawled on the floor, gazing at the stars, pretending you know what you’re talking about!

We’re imagining a picnic blanket on the ground, a few chocolates, and a bottle of wine paired with reusable picnic mugs. Of course, combined with a dark, quiet, starry night sky. Now that sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening during your romantic break!

Jump in the hot tub on your romantic glamping holiday

If you want to upgrade your romantic stargazing game, how about gazing at the stars from the warmth of our carbon neutral, wood-fired hot tub, squished up next to your partner!

After soaking up nature and warm water, you can fall into bed and fall asleep listening to the peaceful sounds of the remote countryside.

Get lost in the countryside

How do you follow an evening soaking, snoozing, and star gazing? Don’t worry, we have romantic daytime activity suggestions too!

nature and romance

Our one true love is nature, so of course, our romantic daytime activity simply had to feature mother nature herself.  We’d recommend spending the day wandering and exploring a beautiful remote country footpath.

No romantic walk is complete without a picnic, so make sure you pack a picnic blanket, some sharable snacks, and a bottle of something bubbly if you feel like pushing the boat out.

And, if you feel like gifting your partner this romantic holiday, nature can provide all of the romantic gifts you desire. Spot a beautiful stone, quirky stick, or fallen flower? Your partner is sure to smile when given an impromptu present!

The old romantic holiday classic – breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is the old romantic holiday classic and glamping is no different. So, if you feel like volunteering to get up and make breakfast, your partner can eat breakfast in bed, while gazing at the morning sky through the wheel crown roof of your yurt. Or if you’re not much of a chef, treat them to breakfast and a frothy coffee in our Canvas Café.

If you have any ideas about how we could make your romantic glamping break even more special (think flowers on the bed on arrival), please don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or email us:

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