A Hint of Spring – A New Season for Country Bumpkin Yurts

It’s the beginning of March and we are seeing the first glimpses of Spring around us.

The season is changing with the occasional warm day and the buds appearing on trees. I can sometimes smell the coming of Spring when I step outside my door in the morning. It is subtle, fresh and earthy, and layered with a hint of that after-rain smell. The surrounding area around Market Harborough is great for encountering the delicate transition through the seasons; with the rolling hills, endless fields and abundant farms there is no shortage of the evidence of change. We will soon be seeing all the lambs at Waterloo Cottage Farm. The adorable little lambs are such a wonderful image associated with Spring joy.

A Hint of Spring – A New Season for Country Bumpkin Yurts

I notice the little details in the changes of seasons more now that I am out on country walks with Poppy all the time. I have spotted the daffodils eagerly pushing through the layers of winter leaves at the park. And the tiny buds on the trees and wild hedgerow along the Brampton Valley Way. I love seeing the landscape shift and change throughout the year. The rhythms of nature are somehow comforting in their simplicity and symmetry.

Spring is a season loaded with a sense of hope and new beginnings.

There is something symbolic about the plants and animals coming out of a long rest. I feel we all hibernate to an extent in Winter – I certainly find myself cozied up with a blanket and book more often. But Spring brings a new sense of energy. It brings new life. We start to get excited about the longer days and evenings in the garden with friends and family. As soon as the evenings became longer I used to sit outside with my housemates all evening with a bottle of cider, candles and big coats because we couldn’t quite wait till summer. Evening air, a cheeky drink and good company is deeply relaxing.

New beginnings for us at Country Bumpkin Yurts too.

Mostly in the form of YURTS! We have now ordered the yurts from Henry, The Yurt Maker, and are eagerly awaiting their arrival at the end of May. It’s time to start buying all the exciting bits to go inside them too. Lara and I are getting ready to be creative and upcycle furniture so that each yurt will look unique and beautiful. We hope to use the inspiration from the beautiful unfolding of Spring to give new life to pre-loved items.

For us, Spring indicates the change from the long season of planning and preparation to the launch and running of the glampsite. As the ground dries out and the meadow begins to grow we will soon begin to take bookings for our very first glamping season – how exciting!

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A Hint of Spring – A New Season for Country Bumpkin Yurts