A Spring Staycation in Northamptonshire: 4 Top Tips to get you ready

Staycation in Northamptonshire

You’ve chosen glamping for your spring staycation in Northamptonshire this year, so what next?

To help you get ready, we’re sharing our top tips for making the most of what spring in a yurt has to offer. These center around experiencing what nature has to offer in the Northamptonshire countryside, packing the right things, and arranging a mixture of activities.

The Midland’s countryside is often overlooked so congratulations on choosing a staycation in Northamptonshire. The area is a hidden gem; you’ll love it. We’re surrounded by gently rolling hills, lush pasture, and farms brimming with life. Northamptonshire is also a great hub of food and drink producers. Would you believe there are multiple vineyards not far from us?

This year has the added challenge of social distancing measures, but this doesn’t need to dampen your staycation. There is still plenty to see and do. One of the wonderful things about glamping is the fresh air. Lots of it. In fact, enjoying the fresh country air is part of our 1st top tip.

Go outdoors

  1. Explore and record nature. Springtime is a wonderful time for a staycation in Northamptonshire because you’ll see new life emerging around you. With so much farmland, you’ll spot frolicking lambs in every direction. You’ll see blossom on the trees, nesting birds in the branches, and flowers coming up through the ground. We recommend keeping a nature journal whilst glamping. Make a note, or a little drawing, of each new thing you see. Simply within walking distance of our yurts, you’ll discover so much. This will also make a lovely memento of your holiday.
  2. Our second top tip is to have some indoor activities up your sleeve during the rain showers and chilly nights. We love to recommend being outdoors as it’s so good for our body and mind, but with the British weather, it’s not always possible. Some would argue there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. But if you won’t fancy a rainy walk, sheltering inside can be just as good. You can’t go wrong with a good book and a board game in a yurt, right? Or perhaps learn a new creative skill. I learned to crochet during lockdown so I’d bring my hooks and yarn and curl up by the log burner with a cup of tea to make something. Once restrictions allow, visiting local museums is a great indoor activity. We have the very local Harborough Museum, Harrington Aviation Museum, or Armourgeddon Military Museum. Or you can travel a little further away to Leicester Museums.
  3. Our next tips are practical ones. You’ll need to pack warm clothes for your spring staycation. Warm pyjamas are essential. If you’re cold-blooded, like me, it’s worth bringing extra blankets too. The nights get chilly and you may notice this when the log burning fire dies down during the night. It’s always better to have more than you need when it comes to layers.
  4. 10 Creative Ways to Enjoy Nature This Year; from Glamping with a Hot Tub to Amateur PhotographySimilarly, our final tip is to swat up on how to build a good fire before you arrive. Glamping in Spring, where ever you go, will require some extra heat to keep you toasty when it’s cold outside. Our yurts have log burning stoves inside, which do a great job of heating up the space. It’s important to have a fire that burns well and produces the most amount of heat possible. This may sound odd, fire is fire, right? But I’ve learned that taking the time to make sure there is a good bed of hot embers filling the base of the burner and logs built up in a way to allow airflow, will help to ensure that you get the most out of the fire. A warm and toasty yurt is a very cosy thing!

A spring staycation in Northamptonshire is such a delightful experience. It has adventure, it has a sense of natural wonder, and it allows us to get cosy around a log-burning stove. With these few top tips, I hope you feel ready and raring to go for your spring glamping holiday.

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We hope to see you soon,

Jen and Lara