Top 5 Reasons for Glamping in Yurts

yurt drawing

Glamping in Yurts: Our top 5 reasons.

Occasionally each of us craves space and time away from it all – glamping in yurts is a wonderful way to feed that need. Glamorous camping may seem like a contradiction, but the reality of it combines our love of luxury with our deep yearning to be in the wild. More than a tent, a yurt allows you to sleep in a big bed and enjoy a cosy log fire. A glampsite can be in the middle of nowhere or just make you feel like you are. Here are our top 5 reasons to glamp:

  1. Time away from it all

The busy hustle and bustle of everyday life is loud and exhausting. Of course it is also exciting and fulfilling, but we all need a break. Intentional quality time with family and friends is the ideal tonic. It deepens relationships, reduces stress and re-energises.

  1. Peacefulness

This time away helps us to unwind. It begins to cultivate peacefulness. Forget your ‘to-do’ list, take your watch off, leave all tech-gadgets at home and just do nothing for a time. Have breakfast in bed. Go for a country walk or bike ride and a drink in the pub. Bliss.

To aid this, yurts, with their round structure and roof window, inspire a sense of balance and safety. Round buildings direct your thoughts outwards then back inwards, full circle, so to speak; a perfect setting for reflecting on life.

  1. Nature

Being submerged in nature is the cherry on the cake! The fresh air. The sights, smells and sounds of the meadows, trees, animals and the expansive sky is food for the soul. We tend to feel connected to our roots when we immerse ourselves in nature. A key element for total relaxation. Waterloo Cottage Farm is a great place for this! You might just meet the piglets on your way to your yurt and, if you fancy venturing out of the meadow, you can hop straight onto the Brampton Valley Way and head off for an endorphin-producing long walk.

  1. Fire

Nothing seems to relax us and resonate more with our roots than fire. How can staring at a campire for hours provide such peace? There is nothing like naked flames to provide the same level of peace. Each of our yurts has a wood-burning stove in the middle. The stove will keep you warm and cosy and create a truly relaxing atmosphere in your round yurt-heaven. Or why not use our fire pit and sit out under the stars with a glass (or two) of wine.

  1. Eco-friendly

One of our favourite reasons for glamping, and using yurts, is the small eco-footprint. We can escape everyday life and blend into nature instead of tearing down trees and building upon the land. Thankfully, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on luxury – you will see. Being eco-friendly on the glampsite allows us to feel good about our holiday in more ways than one.

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Until next time.