Why You Should Try Yurt Glamping in the East Midlands in 2018

Why You Should Try Yurt Glamping in the East Midlands in 2018


A new year calls for new adventures.

When it comes to our holidays, we all like different things. Perhaps camping is your thing, or maybe hotel breaks. Take the new year as an opportunity to try something excitingly new. For you campers, wouldn’t it be nice to sleep on proper beds? And our hotel going friends, is the wild calling you? As glamping continues to rise in popularity – with good reason – glamping in the East Midlands is worth a try this year. Read on to find out why we think you should try yurt glamping in the East Midlands.

What is glamping?

Glamping is simply posh camping or glamorous camping. Glamping combines the best of camping with the comforts of home. You can immerse yourself in nature, get active or relax, and remain warm and sleep in a wonderful bed. Enjoying the great outdoors and appreciating the eco-friendliness brings a little bit of ‘wild’ to your holiday. We call it rustic luxury. Glamping comes in many forms, from log cabins and tree houses to bell tents and pods. We chose yurts (also called gers) for our site.


Why You Should Try Yurt Glamping in the East Midlands in 2018

In our years as campers-turned-glampers, yurts are our favourite alternative accommodation. We love the round, open space, and the beauty of them. A stay in a yurt allows you to experience the uplifting and calming effects of living without corners in a circular space, conducive to balance and harmony. And the roof window lets you watch the stars across the sky as you feel yourself unwind. The yurts architecture is not only extremely practical but also aesthetically beautiful.

Did you know that the word ‘yurt’ is Russian for ‘dwelling’ and ‘ger’ in Mongolian simply means ‘home’? It is a nomadic shelter lived in for thousands of years by tribes from East and Central Asia. A portion of Mongolia’s population still lives in yurts now.

Yurts and other funky glamping sites are now springing up all over the UK. It’s great to see the popularity of posh camping rise! Stay-cations save time and money and can feel as much of an escape as leaving the country.

How to enjoy glamping?

Most people make the most of glamping by using it as a time to recharge. It can be such a peaceful experience. Staying in yurts lets you hear the birds in the morning and allows you to relax by candlelight in the evening with the log burning stove. It’s as romantic as it sounds.

Why You Should Try Yurt Glamping in the East Midlands in 2018


The closeness to nature is one of the key reasons why people love glamping. It is so easy to venture from your yurt to explore the countryside of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Just step out and go for a wander. Don’t forget to be prepared for all terrains and weather. We all know the UK weather is unpredictable. In every season, you’ll encounter lots of mud. Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Holidays, whether they be glamping or not, are all about the people you are with. And when your campsite is in the middle of nowhere, there are no distractions. At Country Bumpkin Yurts, we like to champion quality time with friends and family. Re-connecting with the people that we love is important. Taking time away can deepen relationships, especially when going on a new adventure together.

For that extra luxurious feel, glamping with a hot tub is a must. Most glampsites now have hot tubs. We have an eco-friendly, wood burning hot tub. This amazing Nordic inspired hot tub is fun to heat up using fire. You can enjoy a sense of achievement when you sit in the steaming water under the stars with a glass of bubbly.

Why You Should Try Yurt Glamping in the East Midlands in 2018


How do I book a yurt glamping break?

If you’re ready to try a glamping adventure this year, there are so many places to go. There are fantastic sites all over the country. If glamping in the East Midlands is what you fancy, our site is open all year round and you are welcome anytime. We can accommodate up to 14 people across our 3 yurts. Prices start at £110 per night. You can check our prices and availability here.

We hope you enjoy a spot of glamping in 2018.

From the Country Bumpkin team.