Unique Romantic Glamping

Romantic Glamping

It’s the month of romance.

February gets us all thinking about how to show our other half (or our best friends) how much we love them. Whisking them away on a romantic break is an age-old treat that always works. Have you considered doing something different; a romantic glamping holiday perhaps?

Romantic GlampingA romantic break can take many forms. If you like unique experiences, glamping in yurts for a romantic getaway is a must. Think stargazing, walks in the countryside, and cosying up together by a log-burning stove. Most importantly, think time to yourselves.

Our lives are so busy. We often get bogged down by everyday stresses. Who else has a to-do list that never ends? Quality time for our other-halves often slips down the list. Time in a different setting allows us to leave a lot of these things behind. Time together can be the only focus for a few days.

We like to encourage people to take a break and change their focus. A pause to center ourselves and reconnect with nature and each other is good for us. It’s important for our relationships too. We can’t think of a better way of doing this than a peaceful and romantic glamping holiday in a yurt.

Here are our ingredients for a romantic glamping stay:

Explore new ground

Our one true love is nature, so of course, our romantic daytime activity simply has to feature mother nature herself.  We’d recommend spending the day wandering and exploring a beautiful remote country footpath. Going for a simple walk is rejuvenating for heart and soul. Either borrow our map and plan a route or head out onto The Brampton Valley Way and see where you end up. When it’s just the two of you, how often do you simply walk and talk?  A gentle walk allows for easy talk. When our feet are moving and we see the beautiful countryside around us, conversation flows naturally. You might even find out something new about the person you’ve known for so long.

Brampton Valley WayGo on some adventurous routes. Help each other through the mud, over stiles, and through the dark tunnels. Being adventurous and breaking new ground is good for romance as it rekindles a sense of fun and discovery.

Don’t forget to find a nice place to relax with coffee and cake mid-way through your walk. Market Harborough has plenty of places, or The Swan in Braybrooke is a nice pitstop if you’re walking in that direction.


Our recommendation for an evening activity has to be stargazing. The night sky at Country Bumpkin Yurts can be incredible! It doesn’t matter if you’re no constellation expert, there are now plenty of apps that will tell you exactly what constellation, planet, or star you’re looking at. So, pull on a jumper and grab a blanket and gaze at the stars. There is something about gazing at the stars that brings a sense of perspective. Our to-do list doesn’t seem too important and, instead, memories of good times with the person next to you come to the surface.

Glamping with a hot tubIf you want to upgrade your romantic stargazing game, how about gazing at the stars from the warmth of our carbon neutral, wood-fired hot tub, next to your partner! The hop, skip and jump across the grass in your costume will make you both chuckle, then you’ll want to cuddle up together after your dash back to the yurt.

Make memories

Exploring the countryside and pondering the night sky are naturally romantic activities. But the best thing about a romantic glamping break is making memories that only the two of you share. We love to see couples enjoying time away from normal life, doing things they don’t usually have time for.

We like helping our guests to make their yurt stay extra special. We’ve had a few marriage proposals over the years and have prepared yurts with extras like flowers, photos of the couple, and bottles of bubbly. We’d be more than happy to cover the bed in rose petals if you’d like to surprise your partner. If it was me, I’d ask for chocolates and prosecco on arrival to my romantic glamping holiday.

Glasses of bubbly by the hot tubIf you have any ideas about how we could make your romantic glamping break extra special, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or email us.

If you’re ready to book your romantic break, click here to see our availability.


See you soon, lovebirds.