Winter Glamping 2021 at Country Bumpkin Yurts

Winter Glamping 2021

Glamping this winter is going to look a little different at Country Bumpkin Yurts. In November, we will be taking the yurts down and allowing them (and us) to hibernate over the deepest winter months. So that means no winter glamping for the first time in Bumpkin history ?Dog in front of a snow yurt

We will put them back up at the end of February 2022, ready for new guests in March.

But “why?” I hear you ask

The reason that we will store the yurts away this year is in order to extend their lifespan. The English winter is rather wet and cold, and this takes its toll on the canvas and wooden structure. The yurts can be the warmest and coziest of places in the winter with the log stove on and happy guests to keep them company but, between guests, they get a little sad. And we don’t want sad yurts. To keep them happy, they will be cleaned, dried, then stored somewhere safe from the elements. They’ll then be rested and ready for the next wonderful season of glamping in 2022.

How do we do it?

taking the yurts downTaking the yurts down requires (wo)man power and a careful step-by-step plan. We will empty the yurts of furniture (obviously). Then the canvas will be given a really good scrub and pampering. Once it has dried, we will remove the canvas, fold it up, and store it away. The roof section of canvas is super heavy so this will give us a good arm workout!

Next up is the roof rafters. These will carefully be removed whilst the strongest person holds the roof crown in place (this takes a strong and confident person) until it is ready to come down too. The rafters will then be cleaned, reoiled, then packed away.

The lattice walls will then be wiped, reoiled, and folded up. The door will be removed. Then all you are left with is a base. We will simply cover this base to protect it from the rain.

What will we be doing over winter?

By taking a break from winter glamping this year, we will be able to rest a little ourselves. We won’t quite be hibernating like the yurts, we’ll be updating lots of things in the background. Jen will be at the site each week to repaint the furniture and do some gardening. The ‘down-time’ at the glamping site provides a great opportunity to do the projects that are on our list. After the success of the fruits and herbs this year, we plan to build more planting areas over the winter, ready for new spring plants.

Can you still book?

Our booking system is live for 2022 bookings! You can continue to make bookings with us whilst we are closed; the website will be running and we will still be at the end of the phone and emails. Our last weekend of 2021 is 29th – 31st October. There are still a few spots left to book before we close, so visit our booking page if you need a break before 2022. There are lots of half-term activities available in Market Harborough so it would make a great family adventure.

If you really fancied a winter glamping experience, you won’t have completely missed out if you book a date in early March. One year we had a foot of snow in March and a glamping site full of adventurous women enjoying the hot tub in the crisp air.

If you’re not a winter camper anyway, then it might be worth looking at our Spring and Summer dates soon. Spring 2022 weekends are areally booking up fast so don’t leave it too late to plan your next staycation.

With only 3 weeks of glamping left for 2021, we are making the most of every guest experience. We are looking forward to a slower pace of life after our busiest and best year yet, but we will miss the happy hubbub of a full Country Bumpkin Yurts. We hope you manage to take a break at some point too.

Jen and Lara