Yurt camping: Top tips for the best night sleep in a tent

Top tips for the best night sleep in a tent


Being outdoors, getting back to nature, and spending a night under canvas is good for the soul!

The sights and sounds (or lack of sounds) help us to unwind and take some rest. We all need more of this. Yurt camping or glamping can sometimes be quite a different sleeping experience though. If you’re anything like me, a night in a different bed takes a bit of adjustment. Glamping, rather than camping, is a good start. Glamping usually means that you have a proper bed with nice linen so you don’t have to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. This is much more conducive to a good night’s rest. Based on years of experience camping, glamping, and everything in between, here are our top tips for the best night sleep.

Turn-off tech

One of our recent guests at Country Bumpkin Yurts was telling us about how wonderfully she slept every night in the yurt. Her theory was that it was because she didn’t have wifi and was therefore not using technology much. Especially not while lying in bed. We thought “there’s a lesson there!”

We all do it don’t we; the temptation to have a browse through social media before going to sleep is a strong one. But there is an abundance of evidence to suggest that doing so damages the quality of our sleep. Camping creates a great opportunity (or excuse) to put down the technology. Try lying in bed, watching the stars and listening to the rustlings of nature outside. This will prepare your mind and body for sleep much better.

Top tips for the best night sleep in a tent


Opportunity for openness

To take the first tip a bit further; spend some time being mindful in nature to help the body and soul to rest even more. Make the most of being in peaceful rural spaces. Breathe deep. Listen. Look. Take it all in. The joy of being in a tent, or pod, or cabin is that the thin walls allow you to listen to your surroundings more. You will also be more impacted by the natural light levels on a campsite as there is less artificial lighting to trick your mind into staying awake. The deep darkness tells your body to start slowing down to rest. Check in with how you’re feeling and take note of all your surroundings. Resist the urge to shut it all out and you’ll soon find yourself drifting off. Here is a good link to an easy guide to mindfulness for sleep.

Eyes & Ears

There are some very practical items that can help you to sleep better in a tent. An eye mask and ear plugs are top of this list. Having just suggested you listen to the sounds and respond to the natural light – now I’m saying you could block it all out. In summer, the sun comes up rather early! When staying in a tent, this is likely to wake you up. This may not be a problem. It is certainly worth getting up and making the most of the beautiful long days. How about getting up and watching the sunrise one morning? But if this is not what you’re after (don’t worry, we totally get that!), then an eye mask will help to keep the light out until you are ready. The earplugs are great if you are sharing the tent with friends or family. No-one wants to listen to snoring. I have found ear plugs useful when camping on a farm full of cockerels who liked to announce the dawn. You can get these items from any chemist or pharmacy.

Perfect PJs

Take a variety of sleepwear. Canvas based glamping options (like yurts, bell tents, and teepees) are more affected by the sun when it comes to their internal temperature. Our yurts heat up quickly when it sunny, cool down when the sun goes down, then heat up when the sun comes back up. This means that thin pyjamas would work best in summer so that you don’t wake up too hot. Nice warm and cosy PJs would be much better in winter. Even when it gets hot with the log burning stoves, the heat will drop when the fire dies down while you sleep. A layered approach is always a good option regardless of the season.

Hot tub

If your campsite has a hot tub (we do!), then using this before going to bed is a must. Other than generally being relaxing and all-around lovely, the warm water will help to raise the body’s temperature. A warm body tends to fall asleep quicker and is less prone to wakeful disruptions. As if you needed another reason to spend the evening in a hot tub! Glamping with a hot tub is a winning combination for so many reasons.

Top tips for the best night sleep in a tent


And there you have it – our top tips for getting the best night sleep when camping. These apply whether you’re staying in a basic tent or in a luxury yurt.

Fancy a few nights in our lovely big yurts? We know that a good night’s sleep is important to you so we provide wonderful beds, comfy mattresses, and all linen. Yurt camping allows you to sleep in blissful peace whilst watching the stars through the roof crown window. As we’re moving into the off-peak season our prices are from £95 per night. You can check our availability and book here.

See you soon,

The Country Bumpkin team x