Yurt holiday in the East Midlands – what to bring with you.

What do you need to take with you on a yurt holiday in the East Midlands?

Choosing glamping instead of a hotel or standard camping is a great idea! It’s important you enjoy your holiday. We all deserve a good break. There are a few items that will make your stay extra comfortable. Many people (including me) like to know what to take on holiday. So what are the essential items when glamping?  We have made a list of the top things to bring with you.


People you love

Top of the list is the people you bring with you! Spend your glamping break with the people you love. Reconnect with your friends and family without the distractions of everyday life. A holiday is all about restoration. Let it also be about restoring relationships. Yurts, hot tubs, nature and time are great ingredients for fun with people.

Bring your dog glamping

Your four-legged friend will make your holiday extra special. Dogs make great campers. They will love being out in the open spaces. Then curling up in front of the wood burning stoves in your yurts. So will you.

Favourite food

People bond over food. Glamp sites often offer self-catering accommodation (like ours), so bring the ingredients for your favourite meals. You’ll need the essentials too; milk, bread, snacks. Then you can sit down with your friends and family and eat together. Honestly, the power of taking time out to eat together can be transformative. It’s also useful to know where the nearest shop is. Then you can simply pop out if you have forgotten anything. When staying with Country Bumpkin Yurts, Waterloo Cottage Farm Shop is on site so you don’t need to go far. Alternatively, many people chose to leave all the cooking (and washing up) at home when they go on holiday. There are always plenty of options for eating out.

A book

Holidays are also for relaxing. We don’t often have the time to delve into a book and get lost in another world. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. The peaceful setting of a glamping site is the perfect place to unwind with a book.

Walking shoeswhat to bring with you.

One of the top things about posh camping holidays is the closeness to nature. A lovely walk in the surrounding area will clear your lungs and head. Bring comfortable shoes for walking in. Leicestershire and Northamptonshire have an abundance of great walking routes. If you plan on going on long hikes, you will need to bring good sturdy shoes which will support you. Don’t forget a drink and a snack too. Whilst on the subject of shoes, it is always worth bringing wellies on your glamping break. We all know how unpredictable the British weather is.

Clothes for all weathers

Having mentioned the weather… it is also important to bring a variety of clothing on your yurt holiday. Yurt camping involves being outdoors so you will need to prepare for the weather. You will want to keep warm and dry OR cool and comfortable. Just remember, our changeable weather is worth it for the beautiful countryside.


Out in the countryside the nights are darker. You will need a torch when moving around your campsite at night. Many glamping resorts use solar power for lighting so torches are important in case the power runs out. Thankfully this is rare now that the technology is more efficient.


If you decide to use technology during your time out, taking photos of your experience will capture the memories. We like to recommend a tech-detox when glamping but this is not for everyone.

Being prepared enables us all to feel relaxed during our holiday. We hope this has helped you to feel ready for your glamping break. If you have any other questions about glamping feel free to get in touch with us. We are always happy to answer questions.

Finally, do you still need to book your yurt holiday in the East Midlands? Check out Country Bumpkin Yurts prices and booking availability here. We’ve love to welcome you to our little slice of yurt heaven at Waterloo Cottage Farm soon.