Yurts in the East Midlands from the Yurts of Central Asia

mongolian yurt

Let’s explore how our camping yurts in the East Midlands derived from the Mongolian tents of Central Asia…

What are these round tents?

A Yurt (also named Ger) is a traditional round tent covered with skins and used as a house by nomads in Central Asia. The word yurt itself means ‘dwelling’ or ‘home’. The structure comprises of latticework of pieces of wood for walls, a door frame, rafters, and a roof wheel. These tents have become more than just a practical, beautiful dwelling; they are a cultural symbol in Asia. And now, for us, they are also a key symbol of glamping in the East Midlands, UK.

Yurts in the East Midlands from the Yurts of Central Asia

What is their history?

Yurts have been an important part of Central Asian life for over three thousand years! The earliest evidence of these dwellings is found in Bronze Age rock drawings in Siberia. Fun fact – Mongolian leader Genghis Khan commanded his entire empire from a large ger. Yurts are still used in their traditional way now. Three quarters of the Mongolian population live in them today. This is a testament to their safe, secure and all-round genius nature.

How are they different now?

The yurts used as posh tents for glamping these days differ slightly from the traditional. They are built using more modern techniques and materials to make them even more durable and attractive. Modern ger camping allows for luxury and glamour. They also have a remarkably low impact on the earth. That’s a win on the eco-front!

What’s it like to stay in a yurt?

A stay in a yurt will allow you to experience the uplifting and calming effects of living without corners in a circular space, conducive to balance and harmony. Round buildings direct your thoughts outwards then back inwards; a perfect setting for reflecting on life. The architecture is not only extremely practical but also beautiful. Gers also enable you to be able to feel part of nature while you relax in comfort. The fresh air will clear your lungs. You will be enchanted by the sound of the owls at night.

What are ours like?

Our three luxury camping tents are made here in the UK, just 80 miles from Country Bumpkin Yurts, by The Yurt Maker. They are built on level ground and a wooden base. The canvas is a lovely white colour with a green star across the roof to make it extra pretty. Inside the tents are log burning stoves to keep you warm and cosy.  We have added upcycled furniture to reduce our carbon footprint (and because it’s fun to upcycle). And you’ll be happy to know that our beds are real beds with proper mattresses! Our glamping site also has all the modern amenities so you can still have a hot shower and straighten your hair. I wonder what the nomads of Central Asia think to this?

A holiday in yurts in the East Midlands combines the traditional with the modern and luxury. It provides an alternative weekend or week away which is fun.

We are now taking bookings for our three yurts from July 2017 onwards. If you’d like to book your glamourous camping break click here for prices and booking. We hope you will love the yurts as much as we do!