Zero Waste Glamping Tips from Country Bumpkin Yurts

zero waste glamping

How to Have a Zero Waste Glamping Holiday

We often get asked if it is possible to have a zero waste glamping holiday completely free from single-use plastic? It certainly is. It may mean being savvy when packing, but it is certainly possible. As you know, two things that we are passionate about championing are glamping and sustainable living. So, we’ve decided to compile our top plastic free glamping tips. Here’s our guide to a zero waste glamping holiday.

No need for tiny plastic toiletries

Treat yourself to some plastic-free toiletries.

Gone are the days of packing mini toiletries in tiny plastic bottles for your holiday.

We provide shampoo, conditioner and hand soap in the bathrooms, in refillable ceramic dispensers, so you can cross those items off your packing list.

For your other toiletry needs, we would advise researching packaging free alternatives. From solid deodorant bars to tins of sunscreen butter, there are so many amazing products on the market. You can even get chewable toothpaste tablets. In fact, we challenge you to find a toiletry that doesn’t now have an eco-friendly alternative, free from all plastic packaging!

Solid toiletry bars not only take up less room when packing but also last far longer than their tiny bottled counterparts, win-win.

Bring your own drinks bottle and reusable coffee cup   

If you’re anything like us, you’ll never be far from your reusable drinks bottle! This is definitely one item to add to your packing list in preparation for your glamping holiday. We have a tap on site so that you can fill your water bottle. Essential for a day of walking or picnicking.

If you’re a coffee lover, or, for that matter, a tea fanatic, we can fill your reusable coffee cup or flask in our on-site Canvas Café.

Tin camping mugs are a bonus, especially if you plan on popping an alfresco bottle of something bubbly during your stay. Trust us….champagne tastes great when enjoyed from a camping mug, in the open air.

A glamping trip wouldn’t be complete without reusable crockery

Find alternatives to single-use plastic plates and cutlery.

We have an on-site glamping kitchen, available to be used by all of our lovely glampers! When cooking in the kitchen we have plates, utensils and cutlery to be used, simply wash these up after use, no waste.

And, if you feel like embracing an authentic camping lifestyle while glamping, opt for a metal camping plate or bowl. Each yurt has it’s own BBQ and tools so that you can cook up some barbecued delights and eat them in true camping style, no single-use items required.

And if you don’t feel like cooking, how about ordering a pizza? The simple cardboard box can be recycled on-site…..perfect!

A plastic-free picnic is key for any zero waste holiday

Zero waste plastic free fruit and vegEnjoying a plastic-free picnic during your glamping holiday will require a little prior planning. Remember to pack a selection of reusable containers beforehand and you’re winning.

We would recommend buying your sustainable goodies from our local market. Our yurts are located just 2.5 miles from a traditional indoor market. A swift 5 minute drive, 15 minute cycle or leisurely walk along the Brampton Valley Way and you will find yourself at the market.

Here are some of our top, plastic packaging free picnic suggestions and where you can buy them:

  • Pasta salad – We are lucky to have the brilliant Refill Revolution stand in our local market, you can simply take a container and fill it with dried goods. Why not pick up some pasta, you can boil this up in the onsite glamping kitchen, add a jar of pesto and bobs your uncle. Let it cool, pop it back into your container and it’s picnic ready.
  • Crudités – purchase a few naked vegetables from the fruit and veg stall in the market or look for unwrapped, loose veg in the supermarket. These can be chopped up in our glamping kitchen and popped into your reusable containers for a healthy picnic snack.
  • Treat yourself to some freshly prepared, locally sourced, organic food – any of the food purchased from our onsite Canvas Café can be taken away in your lunch box or in our cardboard take away boxes. So, you can let us prep the sandwiches for you….you are on holiday after all.
  • Sandwiches – If you prefer to prep your own sarnies, we are fortunate to have an amazing local bakery offering whole loves or individual rolls wrapped in simple waxed paper. A fresh loaf from Hambleton Bakery may also be the best bread you’ve ever tasted! A number of sandwich filler options such as cheese, meat, and salad can also be picked up in the market. Fill your bread, wrap it in a beeswax wrap or pop them in a Tupperware to keep your sandwiches fresh. If you’ve used all of the bread, you can even wrap them back up in the waxed paper bag!
  • Pastries –Hambleton or Wesses bakery also offers a number of sweet and savoury pastries or pre-made rolls available in good old fashioned paper bags.
  • Fruit – this picnic favourite requires no explanation or plastic packaging! Again, naked fruit can be picked up in our local market or opt for the unwrapped versions in the supermarket.
  • Cakes – we couldn’t forget dessert! If you have a sweet tooth we’d recommend picking up a cake or sweet pastry from one of our local retailers!

It’s really that simple! Grab some reusable containers, plastic-free toiletries and a few clothes, your zero waste glamping holiday is good to go.

If you haven’t already booked your glamping holiday, you can check availability for our yurts here.